*A Note Nailed on the Shop Doors*

  • You see a decorated page with dark, well written text on it. The note reads…

    Looking for that perfect dress of Damaranian design? Wish you could look like those rich folks from Peltarch? Can't seem to find that perfect weapon, armor, or helm in Jiyyd?

    I, Rhyndar, will be taking in special orders for anything that can not be found in Jiyyd. Our caravan will be leaving to distant lands, and we just may find that perfect thing you're looking for! Please see me with any special requests. There is no guarantee we will find what you are looking for on our travels, but why not take a chance!

    I am also looking for possible wagon guards and laborers to help load and unload goods. Though the pay is nothing great, you will get to travel to distant lands and perhaps find that lovely lass or that handsome man in your life something very nice!

    Contact me as soon as possible if interested in working in the caravan, or if you wish to place a special order! I am usually found by the well in Jiyyd.

    Your local tradesman, Rhyndar.

    (( Please send all item requests to me in the form of a PM, a tell IG, or speak to me directly IG. I'd prefer if you saw me IG, but I know that's not always possible. And remember, there is absolutely -no- guarantee you will get what you want. ))