Council meeting

  • written in flowing common

    Council members presents: All except Jahar, who sent in his vote for the common people of Jiyyd
    Other people at the meeting: I, Ezachiel Werner. Amana. Jirka. Scutum Hedges. The town herrald Mereppi. Edward Alexander. Dwin Dolvak. Headmaster Garreth

    First point on the agenda: Creating a defense council.
    Sir Lens Undon: What I wish to do is to have someone to run our defenses in both peace and war. Then I thought we might better have two, so not all the choises are given to one person. All matters must still be approved by the council, but having those who understand tactics and defence would be better. They would recommend better defence and in times of war keep the town as safe as possible. Those applying were two.

    (At this point, the meeting was shortly interrupted by the entrance of headmaster Garreth. The dwarf also found it necessary to ask the ever-lovely Marry if she had brought refreshments. He later apologized for this rude joke of low level.)

    I recommend them both, but will leave it to the council to decide. One is General Grag. The other is a long standing town member Amana Cold. At the time of the vote each shall be able to speak their peace if they have anything they wish to say.
    dwarf raises hand
    Then the council can ask questions or give comments prior to their votes.
    dwarf lowers hand

    Second point: Two new positions for watchmen. Ragnar of the Legion has offered to help as well as Haus. But I see that neither is here and both said they would be. Well at any rate we shall vote as I do wish to have two more to assist.

    Third point: Jirka wishes to start the first temple in the area for dwarves and a place for them to worship. PASSED

    Seeing as only one of the points on the agenda has all parties here. I shall let Jirka speak of her plans and ideas. I yield the floor to Jirka if she wishes to speak.

    Jirka takes his place

    Jirka: Yes I wish to speak. As you heard, I want to build a place for the other dwarves to rest their feet and mind. I have already found a place for it and the construction plans are ready if you agree with it. A temple for the dwarves would aid Jiyyd in many ways. As priestess Vroka knows, I have been healing and raising people since I moved here. A temple would lighten the burden for Priestess Vroka. From an economic point of view there are many advantages. Having a temple here will increase trade and drinking.

    //At this point, my mom came downstairs and found me behind the pc at 5.30 am. She wasn't really happy.