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  • Good luck down that great big road 😉

  • @556988281b=GhettoBot:

    Majere and Budo – same size, same person


  • The great thing about Narfell is that you could expand that list by a factor of ten and still not cover all the intresting and fun people and characters we've been introduced to in the past three years.

    I haven't seen Isaac in forever but I know Gar owes him a slap in the head for something…though I forget what now. Good luck wherever you're heading bro.

  • Wow… That's the best goodbye post I've ever read.

    Although you've been "gone" for a while, let me reiterate that I'll miss you and batty old Isaac. Hopefully you'll pop in IRC from time to time to say hi.

    Good luck in whatever life throws your way.