• I met a demon today, at least I think I did. She was absolutely stunning, it was the first time in my life that I was a little tongue tied. She was almost too radiant to look at, I'm not even certain I said anything to her. She and Raazi traded insults while I was trying to understand who this person was and what was going on. It wasn't until the demon left that Raazi told me her name was Miranda and she was a demon, I foolishly assumed she was just some random witch.

    After I learned about Miranda's heritage I had a ton of questions for Raazi but all she cared about was talking about getting the demon to lay off her "man", Cormac, some local barbarian idiot no doubt.

    Miranda is suppose to be powerful, but I was surprised she didn't crush Raazi after being insulted. I'll ask Raazi to help me get Miranda's attention again and see if I can't figure out if we can help each other. Maybe I can help her with some work she needs done in the region and in turn she can share some of that power that demons seem to have in abundance.