Harvest Moon Consortium Scripting Forum

  • I have put 7 door, trap and lock scripts on the scripting forum of Harvest Moon Consortium. Its a comprehensive system for a pw to handle these things. the scripts handle xp for thieves and others that pick locks and find and remove traps. the automatic opening and closing of doors after a delay. a reset script to replace trap triggers, and a script to break the locks on treasure chests instead of destroying the treasure chest itself along with a script to open things via spoken password.

    These scripts were created by my old Lead Scripter, Mermut of the DLA. She's a dedicated and well rounded scripter and a great human being.

    They are small scripts but have excellent and multiple uses for a persistent world. Without further adieu here is the link: http://www.harvestmoonconsortium.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2827

  • Forgot the custom includes for mer_dsrm_xp script and mer_trptrig_rspn scripts. It is now at the bottom of the script set.