Proposal: Magic tokens - new consumable drop, to modify/craft magic items

  • Good afternoon Narfell,

    The DM team wants your opinion on a new proposal.

    As you know, the DM team has approved several changes to the way players experience playing vs. the environment in Narfell ("PVE"). Of note, random loot drops ("RLG") were added, letting every creature have a small chance to drop minor and sometimes major magical items. The development team has done a stellar job implementing this system.

    As part of the RLG improvements, the DM team is now considering adding an additional type of consumable drop to the RLG. This new item would be introduced into the RLG system, and in the DM item creator. This new type of consumable item will have the following properties:

    • The item is a "token" that is consumable -- it is used only once, and then it vanishes;
    • When the token is used, it runs a unique script (the unique power 1/day);
    • The unique script then triggers a targeting reticule;
    • Clicking another item, in your inventory, with the reticule, runs the script.

    The "script" in question will depend on the type of token. The following tokens are being considered:

    • add 1-3 points of random magic properties (capped at 8, 9, 10 points, different rarities -- which is to say, the 1-3 points cannot let an item go over 8, 9, or 10 points, depending on the rarity of the token);
    • 1-3 additional, 1-3 negative points random properties (double edged sword tokens)
    • destroy an item, get another random magic item (not usable on plot items); or,
    • destroy an item, get its value in gold with a generous rate (not usable on plot items).

    We understand there is certain precedent in the Forgotten Realms, in the form of augment crystals. Though these crystals are not consumed in the process.

    The benefits of these tokens are:

    • continuation of the RLG development, increasing the amount of PVE economic and adventure activity players can partake without need of a DM;
    • a valuable and rare form of currency that we can introduce into the drop rates;
    • new trading opportunities amongst players;
    • an additional form of wealth to distinguish player status, achievable without DM intervention;
    • this wealth has a built-in sink, in that the items are consumed permanently;
    • we can add new scripts to the tokens to come up with new tokens as part of a development cycles, if we can think of other types.

    Of course, this is a new and novel type of item, inspired by more modern gaming mechanics. As such, we want to be sure that this is something the players would enjoy or desire.

    We are curious whether you would enjoy this kind of new item. Please refer to the attached poll.

    Of course, we are also interested in your more detailed thoughts, which we invite you to post below.

    Thank you.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit], on behalf of The DM Team.

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