• Attitude:

    Serenity is not like most people. This is apparant even before one attempts to speak with her, for her face is too still and her gaze too intense. She scrutinizes her surroundings with a great and avid interest, though her focus often seems somewhat off kilter. Her facial expressions, if any, tend to be minute though she has a tendency to verbalize her emotional state - possibly in compensation. That her social skills are poorly developped is unquestionable, though whether this bothers Serenity herself is difficult to say. She speaks in an even monotone, except if greatly distressed when she'll increase the volume and urgency of her voice. For all that, Serenity has a warmer side, though it is mostly turned towards animals other than the humanoid kind. And in shedding that shape herself, she appears to blend in more easily and often displays a more playful nature.


    Easily overlooked on account of her eccentricities is the fact that Serenity is actually quite beautiful. Her face is pleasingly symmetrical and her skin pale and almost too flawless, contrasting strikingly against inky black hair and dark eyes with a faint green sheen. She prefers wearing shades of grey, though will often weave twigs, stems of grass and even flowers into her hair, which is coiled, braided and tied back in unusual though not unattractive styles. The curvature of her ears and a slender build suggests she's part elven, though as Serenity herself is prone to point out if her appearance is commented on, this is just one of her skins.

    Speaking of skins, Serenity can take many different animal shapes and has a seeming never-ending enthusiasm to find more. Despite her half-elven form's black hair, her other shapes often bear coats of white and grey, or sport discreet streaks and speckles of silver and steel amidst fur, feather and scale. The observant may note a recognizable characteristic also in the eyes, which regardless of form have a subtle but distinct metallic-green tint.

    Clothing and Equipment:

    Serenity's armour is in itself a peculiarity; organic iron plates and gleaming metallic hide, carefully stitched together to afford the wearer the same protection and mobility as that of the gorgon from which it came. Beyond this, she wears a mishmash of more or less magical items, including a black belt with an obsidian clasp and a fur-lined horned helmet. Coupled with a sturdy ironwood shield, Serenity weilds a club, sling and sickle. Her club seems the preferred choice of the three. It is simple and unadorned, of a fine-grained dark grey material of unknown nature and origin.

    Combat style:

    With both club and sling, Serenity has a characteristically odd fighting technique, practically windmilling her arm in repetitive motions. She's not a particularily skilled fighter, but compensates this shortcoming through persistance, plentiful enhancing magic and the aid of her much fiercer panther companion, Zero. She'll most often take animal form in combat, unless the situation requires spellcasting, alternating between a variety of shapes according to need, utility but perhaps mostly whim.