The Dark Academy

  • Rumor spread, hushed and quiet across campfires in the Nars, of a mysterious group who have moved into Narfell. Or perhaps they were already there, and have just become more known. Either way, the rumors speak of a strange Academy whose students can occasionally be sniffed out across all corners of Narfell. Necromancers, demon and devil summoners, the worshippers of dark gods and other ancient evils. This institution exists to further their abilities and teach them the forbidden knowledge that most institutions won't teach. Be it for legal or moral reasons.

    Though there are many differing theories on how one would go about joining this academy of evil and forbidden knowledge, one of the most common is a dark offering (you know... like a heart or a goat or something) on a stormy night somewhere within Norwick's graveyard. Big skull headpiece is probably optional. But why would one want to go about joining such an evil sounding institution, probably filled to the brim with ancient relics and books about summoning dragon skeletons or something?

    "Probably looks good on a resume." they say.