Dorakhan Dev Direction (2)

  • Apologies due to an issue with the first poll. Trying again.

    So I wanted to get a feel out for what was going to be the best use of my dev time and what I should focus on first. While I can't necessarily guarantee that if we say "feats" everything that has suggested (like in Darkpowder's thread) will be added... but I WILL beat the DM team up about it until I get a response.

    Keep in mind that @tpickles and @Seisan and even @its_a_fire are all devs who are not me (and I invite them to poll as well). So for example, TPickles is the random loot guru at the moment - so please don't suggest those things that have already been worked on below.

    I'm also somewhat committed, much like the True Resurrection mechanics, to introducing a server-wide mechanic via NPC or item before I add player spells... so the recall/port stones would be an advance requirement, in my mind, to adding Word of Recall and Teleport spells to casters.

  • Cosmetic customization - robes, umbrellas, etc ...

  • My suggestiong, again: Spells that are commonly used: detect magic, detect good/evil/lawful and undetectable alignments (these are only samples, but possibly can be appended with Recall/Portal Stones thinking about it twice...)