Build 906F

  • Dev

    Magic Items Update

    The magic item system has been expanded with all sorts of new items and enchantments. Amongst the new additions, adventurers will now find cloaks to stay warm, helmets to keep their heads and stuff to throw at things that'll hurt depending how hard they throw them. Go explore and see what else you can find! Remember, the bigger the beast, the better the loot!

    Also, minor tweaks have been, and bugs squashed:

    • Dark blue item names that were nearly impossible to see even with Darkvision have now been made a light blue. Now us common humans can finally read them!
    • Certain properties were being applied to items that couldn't have them. Although this made some pretty cool names, we figured y'all wanted magic gear with actual magic properties on it so we fixed the glitch
    • The disabled appraise skill rolled a high move silently check and snuck its way into the properties available in the wild. It's been spotted and brought to justice.