Hunting System

  • Introducing the Narfell Hunting System - this gives players the opportunity to gain additional information about their adversaries and earn both permanent rewards for their characters and repeatable/consumable rewards.

    You will give given Hunting Log item after any spawn kill in-game. A spawn is defined as any creature that is generated by our spawn system. This means that killing your own summons, NPCs, or DM-spawned creatures will not yield experience points. Use the Hunting Log item to open a dialog.

    Finally, this system is party friendly and unlike the standard XP system, does not discriminate based on level. Anyone you're partied with, as long as they're in the area with you, will receive an even portion of hunting XP. Note that this rounds down, so, for example, three people hunting kobold runts will not hand out XP for anyone in the party.

    Hunting Tier/XP Status

    This menu will show you each racial type, how much experience you have (and the goal for the next tier), how many kills you have of that racial type, what tier you're on, and mastery XP (which is only achieved after you have reached max tier at 3). Note that some spawns are concerned harder to find than others (there's no shortage of giants, but lycanthropes are scarce), so XP requirements will be different between races. The lower tiers ARE intended to be significantly easier to reach.

    Abbreviations are as follows:

    • R - Race
    • XP - experience points
    • T - tier
    • K - kills
    • mXP - mastery XP


    At each tier you will be able to add a custom title to your "onExamine" that shows your tier for a spawn with a nifty name.


    • "Max Tier Rewards" shows you the reward that will be AUTOMATICALLY and PERMANENTLY given to your character upon achieving tier 3.

    • "Mastery XP Purchases" allows you to trade in mastery XP points for nifty rewards. Currently, these are all potions but the system has been designed to be easily expandable. (2DA change and server reset).


    • This allows you to toggle on/off verbose mode. While on, it gives you information about how much XP you're receiving and how many kills you've made of that race, etc.