Adventurers Needed: Temple of Chauntea offers a 10,000 coin reward for...

  • Baroness Anna Tiller on behalf of temple of Chauntea has offered 10,000 coin for a large cart full of fresh, high quality dragon dung, or if you can possibly convince the dragon to offer it willingly to the farmlands without any risk or trouble.

    Aspiring adventurers wishing possibly to risk great danger for the large gold reward (that will be spread among those who go about this endeavor. Any treasures found or collected of course can be kept by the adventurers that go about it. You may use any means to complete this objective. People with negotiating skills or skills dealing with dragons could help as well. As long as it does not put the city of Peltarch and its farmlands at risk use any means necessary.

    There is an elf named Alycia that is willing to help guide those willing to do this to the place, to which it was stated may be near fire giant lands.

    This will help myself and some of the farmers significantly. Thank you for your interest.

    (OOC: This will be run by Dr.D and anyone can come. Whatever methods you choose to do this will be up to you. One of my characters may or may not join you on the endeavor but I'll be present at least for start it. I'd like to do this around 2-3 PM eastern standard time, sometime Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday if possible depending on DM availability!)