Dm Item property wand

  • Spoke with pickles on how I can help the devs without doing any dev work myself. I got a lot of specialty stuff from the old worlds I created and or worked on.

    One of those items is a Dm item property wand. With it a dm can change the properties and name of any item in a pcs/nps inventory. They can take Jasmine's +1 double bladed sword and turn it into a +2 double bladed sword with 1-6 extra slicing damage and then rename it Jasmines super duper kitchen utensil if they want. or take properties off the item and just turn it into a normal double bladed sword. they will never have to make anything in the toolset again just create it in game.

    When I get home I'll pull the scripts and make an erf for pickles to use when he has the time and inclination.

  • theres only about ten scripts but some of them are near 3,000 lines long and the convo is done with strings within the scripting itseslf utilizing custom tokens. Mermut is very familiar with the wand she altered it to add a renaming function to it back in 2007-2009 when she was my lead scripter on Harvest Moon.

  • As long as it's done with not introducing 100 new scripts to the module for the conversation tree...

  • I would love this.

  • yes you can do that with it sure. its just like making an item in the toolset and has all the remove and add properties that is in it

  • @Winterhawk99 does this item property wand let you target specific properties on the wand and remove them? Like say I wanted to remove a skill bonus but retain an attack bonus.

  • @winterhawk99 thanks! We've got a setup for renaming, setting tags and descriptions currently so feel free to leave those out if it's extra work on your end. Setting the properties ig would be great and I don't think we have a solution for that currently.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong DMs