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    General Description

    A tall, sturdy Uthgardt woman with the ubiquitous black hair and blue eyes. A wrist thick braid hangs down the center of her back, tied with leather cords. For a barbarian woman she possesses remarkable intensity and presence. She carries herself well, and her smile can be disarming. Remove the armor and weapons, one could easily mistake her for an actress or performer

    Clothing and Equipment

    Rika wears heavier armor, trimmed with furs. She carries a battle axe and shield on her back, much as expected in a worshipper of Uthgar. Her armor is well crafted. Her axe is a work of art, and exudes power. Despite being made of Mithral, it looks weighted and heavy. Filigreed runes adorn the blades and haft. One of her rings also looks well crafted, likely enchanted, with a sigil of a winged serpent on its face.


    Rika’s intensity carries over to her fighting style. She is all force and fury, and it’s been said that Uthgar himself blesses her in combat. Reason is tossed aside until opponents lay dead at her feet.


    It’s been said that she’s an emissary of Maya, the Champion of Tempus that used to dwell in Narfell. She’s frequently seen at the shrine to Tempus south of Peltarch, sweeping, cleaning, or paying tribute. During some evenings, a tent is seen pitched to one side.