NWsync Downloads

  • As you may have noticed, we have been slowly adding some new things to the server. We have stuck with creature models for now but we are looking to expand and add things like new tilesets, new placeables, and cosmetic changes to clothing, PC models. All are possible options.

    With these additions though comes increased download sizes. We want the thoughts of the playerbase before we add too much so we can get a feeling for how big of a download is too much. Think if you are a new player and have to face this download all at once, think if you have a smaller HD than some may have and can't spare all that room. There are several reasons why someone may want to keep the download size smaller.

    The poll will stay open but we hope to get a general feeling in a week or two as to what the playerbase wants. Give your votes and feel free to post your opinions up.

  • Download size has never bothered me, it just means you get more to work with.

  • @Speedy_Z_ That is a good point. Cep often did not test their content fully before incorporating it into their haks. They also outright used content that cc people didn't want them to use starting a hot discussion between the cc population and CEP. It really slowed down the custom content community starting at 20019-2010. I stil blame barry1066 for much of the problems during these years and so do many other custom content people.

  • I voted up to 2 GB.

    The other issue was that the files from a different server affected how I saw Narfell. I thought EE solved that problem, but apparently not. So, that made me even more reluctant to download a bunch of stuff from other servers.

  • @speedy_z_ what was the threshold you'd pass up a server at?

  • I never worried about downloads but then again I have 4 terrabytes on my gaming computer. Most of the worlds I helped create also have massive downloads but it was well worth the effort for those who played on the servers.

  • I was looking at other servers a few months back and many had huge download requirements - I usually logged off and kept looking.

  • A few thoughts on my end:

    The tilesets in the current proposal could increase the haks by ~1 gig if we use them all. And committing to tilesets means if we want to remove a tileset, we must remove all the maps built by that tileset. It's much more of a commitment than new creatures or anything else we've thrown into haks thus far.

    Some people play on other servers. 5 gb of tolerance may be okay for those of us that don't play on a lot of servers but is less tolerable for folks who jump around.

    Although I do like supporting our players, I'm also a fan of new blood. Gating Narf behind even a 2 gigabyte download may deter new folks.

    If you also like new people or your other RP minded friends joining in, I'd like to propose thinking of this limit as what's the max you'd consider downloading to try out a new server as DrD phrases below the poll?

  • Just fyi, space should be a nonissue at this point, especially up to 5 gb. NWN EE moved to 64 bit so anyone running a dinosaur will have to upgrade their rig anyway (this has already happened! at least one player here had to upgrade their computer to run nwn after the 64 bit shift), and even 500 gb harddrives are pretty standard. 5 gigs is a lot of custom content, and at the rate im seeing it introduced here, its not going to be an issue, like ever.

  • i hope there will be space for graphics-wise character customization.

    ... for example: [ http://fav.me/dc5ox07 ].

  • Bump for those that have not voted yet. Come and cast your vote, and write your thoughts if you feel like.

  • my program either has tga as standard or there is a plug in. and its a free program. I'll have to check on dds files.

  • @winterhawk99 awesome! I've used 3ds max to do some modeling/animation but that was awhile back. I'll stay tuned. I'm interested in ways to keep our assets as small as possible. I've used imageoptim and other command line tools in the past to automate optimizations like this for web but it appears most the tools I've used don't run on tga

  • @tpickles Textures can be modified pretty easily and reskinned on a model. the models themselves take some time because you have to be aware how it effects pivot points and such. small changes can be done by moving the vertices. large moves on animated objects effect pivot points, t-verts and shadows. For textures I used (I forget the program but its a readily available program I still use from time to time. When I get back home on Friday night/Saturday I'll post it.

    There is also many, many tutorials on my site harvest moon consortium on texturing. most of the links to other sites are dead and most of the pictures but they can get you started in 3ds or g-max if your interested. I have a few in there myself along with the rest of the ctp/dla/prc people who did tutorials on them. One of mine is on fractured textures on models and how to rearrange them so they are whole and correct again.

    You can go to the ctp and custom content forums and there's lots and lots of tutorials on getting started with 3ds.

  • @winterhawk99 are you aware of any easy ways to optimize the models or textures that someone without much experience with 3d modeling or graphic design could do?

  • Feel free to look at them if you want to spend the time doing it. This poll will go on at least a week, if not longer.

  • If you would like me to take a look at them for an opinion on the quality I can do that when I get home next week? I might even get Black Rider, and Micheal Darkangel of the DLA to take a look if you want. I still have close contact with them. If not I'll keep my nose out of it.

  • The tilesets currently being considered are Early Winter, Medieval Rural, Medieval City, and Medieval Forest.

  • Being a hall of fame tileset maker and former member of the CTP team I would like to comment if its ok. When you decide to add tilesets take a very good look at them before incorporating them into the world.

    The obvious things to look for are missing edge tiles and tripled layered textures that give parts of the tile an ill effective look. If you have someone on your dev team that knows 3ds have them look carefully at the alphas, transparencies and especially shadows. Shadows especially tend to get screwed up while making both tilesets and placeables. On some tilesets builders don't pay attention to the rounding errors and end up with tiles that are not exactly 10x10 They will show up in game as having a thin white broken line along the edges of tile matches. You'll need to fix them or dump the tileset.

    If you are looking for tilesets also look for add-ons to current tilesets. My first hall of fame add-on was an expansion to waylands gentle hills. I changed and added it to the winter, desert and another standard tileset to expand the builders versatility using them.

    There are also very good and very bad tileset makers. names I would suggest are Gavin(666), Worms, The CTP of course, Gaogeng. I'm not familiar with the newer tilesets and tilseset makers. There may be something better out there now than these. But all of these tilesets and makers are either hall of fame and/or received Academy of excellence in modding awards.

    Also take a good look at the Faerun mapping around Narfell. I highly doubt you would want a desert tileset when there are no deserts for many hundreds of miles surrounding Narfell.

    Shameless plug upcoming: One good thing about the CTP package is that its modular. You can take what tilesets you want and dump the rest. So if you only want elven exteriours and gothic interiors you can dump the rest of the tilesets and just add a the general package cutting your overall download times and content to what you want.

    That's all I got. hope that helps in your decisions on what new tilesets to place into the pw.