Rumours of High Hold...

  • [As I can't be there all the time, if PC's go to High Hold and adventure at all I would like to hear any IC things about your trip!]

  • The excitable sorceress J.T. Firefly has been seen a little less around Blackbridge of late, and when she has been seen it has invariably been when coming or going from High Hold itself. The ecclectic arcanist has heretofore been a relatively ambivilent resident of the area, mainly acting as a spellcaster for hire, so naturally her seemingly close involvement with the rulers of the land is an oddity to say the least.

    Could her residency at the keep be at all linked with the rumours that a Spelljammer was not only captured by Lord Sent's forces, but actually landed atop the keep's pinnacle?

  • Rumours fly about Korvir, a Blackbridge lad who perished under grim circumstances in the south. Despite his body being reclaimed and sufficient donations made towards his raise, the priests seemed to struggle to return the boy to life. Now, though Korvir is back amongst the living, the previously adventurous young man looks pale, gaunt and frightened of his own shadow.

  • New construction seems to be beginning at the entrance to Blackbridge from the mountain pass, engineers and workers are seen clearing the area to make way for what appears to be the beginning of proper walls and a gate. Three dwarves, Ylva, Dalton and Bunus were seen with the local paladin Frederick entering the town with large Ironwood trees being hauled behind them. After a large of sum of coin is paid to the dwarves the trees are hauled off to the woodworkers who begin to immediately begin shaping them into the future gates of Blackbridge.

    Spirits seem high in the days following the arrival of the trees due to the much needed protection they will bring for the town against their fire giant foes. Any dwarf in town over the next few days seems to find themselves with extra ale at the Dreaming Djinni as the population shows their gratitude for the effort of their kin.

  • Rumours flourish about a new resident in the High Hold, a young-looking woman of curious hair pigmentation, who has already been about spending time with some of the most recent batch of adventurers. She carries what seems to be mild symbolism of the strategy game known as Lanceboard printed in her blade, shield, and lute. Strange combination, some would say, but such are these times of turmoil, that even the most avid of traveling minstrels might need to keep a sword at hand. Or it could be the other way around, a battlefield expert that enjoys playing the lute as a hobby. However it may be, she seems to have settled in, and not going anywhere for now.

  • Rumours and speculation run wild over the current, controversial guests of High Hold: a fiery red dragon and a half-dragon, in the company of a sizable number of Creel tribesmen from the mountain reaches.

  • The soil of the fruitgarden has been wriggling with lively helpful worms as of late. A badger is seen placing the worms there.

  • A large boisterous man was having words with Eve and Rika at a table at the inn. Both Rika and Eve were rather bloodied at the time, obviously fresh from combat. Loud words of "Righteousness" and "Silver Host", and "Torm" were bandied about. The unfamiliar man seemed jovial and hearty, but at one point Rika stood and seemed rather perturbed. But there was much hand waving and boisterous apologies, where the three resumed their drinks. The large girthed man left after about an hour.

  • Though some may laugh or scoff it off, a persistent rumour circulates about drow being spotted in the Blackbridge mines. Despite the mines going deep enough to possibly connect to the Underdark proper, and despite the spider infestation in the shallow parts, it would seem by the reactions that it is something of a first - provided it's actually true.

  • The hobgoblins seem to have been enough of a nuisance of late that even the Silver Rider and her griffon were forced to the refuge of Blackbridge for a time. Silverstar drew gapes and gawks from most all residents, some even claiming the mighty griffon played.... snowball games with a couple of greenhorns?

  • A sizable group of perky young adventurers were sent to the crypts to check into an issue with magical webs? The sergeant who sent them from the inn seemed a bit surprised they all made it back a half day later. Though they trailed blood through the inn and most looked more dead then alive.

  • A tall and reedy half-elf, enthusiastically introducing herself as Willow, has become a frequent sight in and around High Hold of late. She spends much of her time either exploring, trading tricks of the trade with the local herbalists, or hanging out in the fruit orchard, where she'll often doze off for the night.

    Perhaps most noticably, she's got a preference for praying in the middle of the black bridge itself at dawn. Anyone held up on account of this unorthodox practice gets a blessing, curtesy of Shaundakul, the Rider on the Winds!

  • Word spreads of a small group of some sort of White furred bear people, armored and headed through the pass toward Blackbridge. One seems heavily wounded....

  • Word filters back from a small party of explorers who ventured to the west into the high mountain pass. Somewhere in the wilderness off the beaten track is a den. It looks like it's home to wild beasts, and a bear and a mountain lion were found there. But a stern warning was issued about the inner cave. It is populated not by animals, but by mountain men with big axes. Lots of them. And they stand near the door too!


  • Rumours spread that the Shieldmaiden known as a trader in Peltarch has moved her tent from outside the walls of the city to nearer High Hold, many say she speaks that she prefers the climate and nature of the people there than those of the city.

  • Things in High Hold and the town of Blackbridge seem to have been quiet of late. Anyone making their way there would however notice that the Calashite traders seem to be more active and are preparing a large number wagons for travel. So far the destination is unknown and the traders and their guards seem silent on the matter if approached and asked about it.

  • Fires flame high enough to be visible all the way to Peltarch, and faint horns of war ring out from High Hold, carried upon the winds. A lone runner, battered and bloodied, stumbles his way towards the Icelace beach to call for aid: firegiants, besieging the fortress and testing its strength once more. Rumours suggest their forces were efficiently squashed between Navarra's regiment and Princess Fisher's volunteer aides, the latter including several well known Peltarch names alongside stout dwarves from the south.

  • Rumours surely abound of the deaths of several High Hold Soldiers, ambushed by devils in great numbers. Eric, gravely wounded, somehow made it all the way to the gates of Peltarch, spurring a response from the Jewel's forces. Intense fighting is reported near the lava hills, resulting in the survival of one more soldier. The rest were torn apart.

    ((old news, but I just rediscovered this thread's existence and thought to add its first rumour!))