Build 905P4

    • Updated server to be compatible with latest NWN:EE build. -- Updated some interfaces to 64-bits, now we can enter the Matrix and say hello to Neo way faster than before. (Dora, Tpickles).

    • Added a new storefront to Peltarch in preparation of something majestic. (Tpickles, Rust).

    • Tons of maps and creatures and NPCs and stuff. Maps may not be connected yet, but will in a very near future, possibly before weekend (DrD, Rust).

    • Tweaks to some UD Creatures and mountain fellas.

    • More creatures and still more creatures, including Black Puddings plus more creatures.

    • Minos Maze maps now have over 200 hints to help you find the way in and out, these may pop up if a PC succeeds certain skill/ability checks. Carry on, absent Maze-Runners. (Rust).