Garden for a Nobleman

  • Hired by by a local nobleman to create a garden to rival his neighbor the Jones, Juniper Amalith, scoured the swamp east of the city, the Nars Pass and the Rawlins. She collected only the most promising and beautiful plants and flowers she could find. She took great care in packing them and their transport.

    She collected delicate stream side flowers from the Rawlins that she transplanted to the steam in the old Romani camp where her family had set up to ensure the plants care while she continued her search and collecting of further plants for the garden. Only when she was certain she had all the plants the nobleman would need, did she deliver them all to his estate in the city. She hoped he and his servants were delighted by the broken pieces of statuary she had managed to salvage from the wilds in search for plants. She felt the worn stauary would add wild flair to the finished garden.

    The purple-haired, purple-eyed elven lass worked laboriously to earn the gold she had been paid, with the servant's help to set up a water feature for the stream-side plants. The others she planted around the garden with a lovely path winding through it under an already existing tree. Each plant she set into the ground and watered, she offered a whispered prayer to the Leaflord and to Chantea for the plant to thrive in its new home.

    Lastly, she used a couple potions of strength and her family's aid to create a makeshift sled of branches to haul two old stones from ruins around the old Romani camp to act as benches in the nobleman's garden. It took two trips and second sled, but they were the finishing touches. A piece of the Narfell wilds in bloom on the nobleman's estate.