A Festive Booklaunch

  • Narfell DM

    Eowiel Senella, master bard of the Bardic College, holds a book launch on a makeshift stage on Bard Street, just outside the Theatre. She hands out excerpts of her new book, "Lifeblood of the Jewel - The Senators Of Peltarch", and donates full copies to the Bardic library, the City Hall library and to a select few citizens. Musicians from the college play songs from Peltarch's past, stirring songs of defeating the Eastlanders and of course a certain song about a certain Senator named Rath Ashald.

  • Unen shows up and shakes hands, excited for the book release, after attaining a copy he heads back to Norwick

  • Jasmine doesn't attend the book launch, but secures a copy later.

  • Narfell DM

    Many Bards of the College attend the book launch, including Berlinne Toews, who appears pleased and highly recommends the read.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Information is gathered and filed on those attending the signing and compared to current lists of malcontents.

  • Isolde mingles at the book launch, clapping enthusiastically along. She seems quite curious to read the finished piece, though the singing soon distracts her and she chimes in wholeheartedly when its time for a certain song about a certain Senator named Rath Ashald.

  • Erurk claps, reading the finished product. He seems to enjoy the beginning of the book immensely. Towards the end though, he seems confused, frowning. As if there are pages missing. He heads after Eowiel...