Mixed level parties and consequences

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    We have an issue with high level characters shepherding low level characters through dangerous areas this makes the danger trivial for the low levels and gains them loot that they would not otherwise get. Whilst we have set up our party experience system so that high levels and low levels can adventure together, this is not intended to be used in a way that makes it trivial and risk free for low level characters to go to areas that they otherwise could not go to, or to get quick access to equipment that they would otherwise not be able to access without hard work and dedication.

    If you are more than 5 levels higher than other characters in your party there are likely to be problems, as Narfell is set up to be moderate to high risk with low to moderate reward. You need to think of it as a bell-curve... as long as everyone is together in the middle, things are pretty good, but the more you get people on the edges, the more likely it is that things will go wrong, either because low level PC(s) will get taken out by monsters that are wildly inappropriate for them to be fighting, or because the high level PC(s) will attract an encounter that will be incredibly challenging. In other words, the greater the level spread, the harder it is for players to manage the risks involved.

    We want to welcome new players, we would like them to encounter content at the appropriate level. Please RP with them and go out adventuring with appropriate level characters with them. If you choose to go out with a party with wildly disparate levels, then there needs to be an expectation of increased risk for all involved.


    It has been asked what is appropriate to give to characters (other than your own, because that's Twinking) when they are starting out.

    A good rule of thumb, is to look at the points value of an item. If the item is worth more points than the level of the character you are looking to give it to, do not give it to them. If you do not know the point value of something, then DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY

    As DMs, we have discretion to award items of varying points values to PCs, based on the risk of what they have faced in an encounter, or the quality of their RP in an RP situation. This is not a discretion that the rest of the playerbase has.

    Put simply?
    Giving a MW weapon to a new character? Okay.
    Giving a +2 weapon to a new character? Not okay.

    Any character can buy any item that is for sale from any character, as long as the price they are paying is a fair and appropriate price. This is the same as earning it.

    If you want to give a new character gold, please do not give them more than their level x100gp. Loans are different, but (and this feels ridiculous to have to say) please don't exploit giving characters loans and then not asking for it back.

    Ideally? Go with them and give them space to have an epic battle so that they can GET a MW weapon for themselves, or get the gold they need. Bonus points if you go with a character of the same or similar level.

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    As the Player Lead (Hi, to those of you who don't know me!) I'm going to chime in here.

    Please keep in mind, that the statements made by the DM Team are referencing something that has -ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE-. When high levels are around, high level threats MAY arrive. With that in mind, please keep the following in mind as well.

    Narfell is a persistent world. It's meant to feel "Alive". That means that whenever DMs can, they're going to put in things that are not 'normal'. This is what makes a world feel more real, so it doesn't end up feeling like "Wow", where you know what's going to be where, every time, without fail, no surprises.

    In regards to shepherding low levels around, this has ALSO always been a thing, but the idea is to be roleplaying, here. Not simply grinding for loots, or doing all the work for them. Shepherding means taking care of. Watch them, coach them, explain the stories that you've seen in the areas you're showing them, take on a threat or two to hammer home the point of WHY YOU DON'T GO OUT ALONE, perhaps! Premium level Narfell lore, right there, ripe for the picking.

    As the DMs said, the -best- case scenario here, is to log in a lower level character. If you only have high levels, stay back. Announce it IC that you'll be doing that, and walk, talk, and be a part of the story in an IC fashion. If things get hairy, yeah, step in, and RP what's happening. I highly recommend remembering one more important note, especially around new players.

    You don't always win!

    That doesn't mean that anybody is out to TPK your party. That means sometimes, the signs that the DMs show that there's a significant threat ahead, are not meant to be won easily. They MIGHT even be things you're expected to RUN from, because your INT is higher than 10. If it's not, then you have an excuse for continuing forward, perhaps . 😉

    Long story short, please note that the DM's posts here are to help YOU, the players. This is not a new rule, it's a reiteration of expectations. Please treat it as such, and enjoy the server!

    -Player Lead Jerrick