Diadne of Kossuth

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    General Description

    Diadne is on the tall side of average, with blue eyes, long red hair and a fair complexion. During the summer months when she gets some sun, like most red heads she bursts out in freckles. She speaks with a Thayan accent, although that’s faded in recent years due to her time in Damara and the Nars. Many consider her rather attractive, and the townsfolks occasionally mistake her for an actress or performer. She carriers herself well and speaks with confidence. She looks to be in her late 20’s but it’s hard to say.

    Clothing and Equipment

    She claims to be “Blessed of Kossuth” and her garments bear the Fire Lord’s colors and insignia. When she wears armor, it’s light chain with a tabard bearing the Fire Lord’s insignia. There are three items of note –

    • An ornate chastity belt that is worn on the outside of her clothing. It appears to be made entirely of a metallic framed gem, and depicts a scene of six people standing in front of an imposing figure and large flame. There is dragon scrollwork around the edges

    • An enchanted blade that when drawn is wreathed in fire. Craftsmen would recognize it as an Angurvadal blade. Kossuth’s symbol is engraved on the pommel.

    • A rather curious hoop with a frame that she uses as a shield. The hoop looks very much like a ring that someone extremely large would wear. When worn, the inside of the ring is filled with a fiery inferno.


    Diadne is about as skilled as a standard squire or soldier would be with sword and shield. She can hold her own against moderately skilled opponents, but falters against seasoned professionals. She’s not particularly deft or quick, and sometimes slow to react when forced.

    However, Diadne is quite skilled at manipulating and throwing fire. In combat she will become an opportunist, setting troublesome opponents on fire in the middle of melee.


    The ring finger on her left hand is missing

    She trained under the guidance if Mariston Thel. Those that saw her train in the fairgrounds note that she’s in remarkably good shape, with good strength and high stamina. While she doesn’t hold up against a seasoned knight, she is tireless in her efforts.