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    Anna's Artisan No Knead Tea Bread!


    -2 Tablespoons (30 ML) of Honey
    -1/2 Cup (125 ML) of a Tea of your choice (Anna likes to use lighter teas, but works with reds and blacks too; use Double the amount of tea you would normally use for a drinking cup but make sure its steeped for the same amount of time)
    -1/2 Cup Very Warm water
    -3/4ths Tablespoon (12 ML) of dry yeast OR (36 ML) of fresh yeast, either/or dissolved in warm (110f or circa 45c) tea
    -1 Cup (250 ML) Whole wheat
    -1.25 Cups (325 ML) unbleached white flour
    -1 Cup Rye Flour
    -2 1/2 Teaspoons of coarse or kosher salt, or 2 teaspoons of regular table salt
    -(OPTIONAL) Caraway seeds or Sunflour seeds (deshelled)
    -Cornmeal to dust bottom cutting board or Pizza Peel (giant pizza spatula)
    -Pizza Stone or Cast Iron Pan
    -1 more oven-safe pan for water
    -Wooden spoon for mixing


    -Mix flours together along with salt in a large bowl. Add seeds if you wish
    -With very warm water, put in yeast along with honey and let sit for 10-15 minutes until it gets foamy
    -Make your 1/2 cup tea with the same amount of tea you would use for a full cup, let steep for the appropriate amount of time as if you were going to drink it
    -Add water + yeast/tea mixture in large bowl one by one and mix with spoon until there are absolutely no dry spots, if it becomes too difficult to mix with a spoon near the end, use very very wet hands so flour doesn't stick as easily.
    -It should conform to the shape of the container once done mixing. After that
    -Cover with a non air-tight lid or plastic wrap for 2-5 hours depending on humidity/how far you are above sea level, or until it rises to the point where the top of it collapses
    -You may choose to refrigerate the dough for 24 hours after it has risen to enhance flavor and make it easier to work with, or keep it on the countertop for another 8 hours for same effect, though its harder to work with in this state
    -Cut dough into one pound (or size of a large orange) pieces. Stretch the top of the dough to the bottom to form the ball, rotating it a quarter each time so you get all four sides. Can make either into a ball or loaf with this technique
    -Dust bottom of board/peel, and place shaped dough on cutting board or pizza peel (large pizza spatula with long handle), let dough rest for 1.5 hours
    -preheat oven to 400 in the mean time with the stone/pan in the oven. On bottom tray, put a cast iron
    -Once the oven is at 400, put cast iron pan filled with a cup of warm water on the bottom shelf, slash the top of the bread a couple of times for marks then brush top of bread with a light cornstarch and water mixture, adding seeds on top so they stick after, then put on pizza stone or cast iron pan on the middle tray
    -Bake for 35-40 minutes for one pound dough balls, longer/shorter if you make bigger or smaller breads
    -Take out once cooked and let it cool on a rack or clean cutting board for 20 minutes to half an hour at least before cutting in!