The Away Thread

  • Vacation part II. I will be gone from Sunday 25th - Wednesday 28th. Access to forums and Discord, but not NWN. However, I should be around for lots of Narfell on Labor Day Weekend.

  • Although I will have access to the forums and discord, I will be away in-game from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.

  • I will be out of town for two weeks, beginning Monday Aug 12 (until Aug 26). I will not have the computer with me, and any internet access is doubtful. Shesarai should be able to be in game this weekend, but after that not (until Aug 27). Don't let Peltarch burn down without me.


  • Narfell DM

    Will be away Friday & Saturday visiting some family, back on Sunday.

  • Wifi in the mountains is so slow and unreliable that it makes me really appreciate having Fios at home. I will be back in touch tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and look forward to adventuring with you all again.


  • Back home! I may or may not be off on additional shenanigans next week, but only for a couple of days if so.

  • Ah well. I arrived at our mountain timeshare this afternoon, and after unpacking, set up the computer. Wifi connection worked and I was able to read email and watch Youtube videos with my grandson. So I signed onto Narfell and joined a party of 8 to see if the connection was fast enough to adventure. Alas. the lag was so terrible that it took more than ten seconds to change screens, unequip items, and movement was extremely jerky. I don't think I can reliably play if that is the norm. I will try later when fewer people are on to see if that makes a difference. If not, I will be limited to forums and Discord until next Friday when I return home.


  • Time for the family part of vacationing for me - I'm away as of tonight and over the weekend - after that, weather and my whim shall decide how long sun and surf claims me! Have a great time keeping hotel Narfell rockin'!

  • Super ahead of time here but I'm gonna be away from August 3rd to August 11th at my cabin in the woods. May pop on the mobile client but won't be around to do a lot of stuff. Will try to post pics to Discord however!

  • I'm taking my family to our Shenandoah Mountains timeshare for a week, starting this Friday (19/7). I will have the computer with me, and last year we had decent WiFi. So I should still be able to play Narfell except during family activities.


  • Narfell DM

    Will not be available today, but should be back tomorrow

  • I'll be leaving on a trip Sunday morning (July 7th) and then returning late Wednesday (July 10th). Access to Discord and Forums, but no NWN ☹

  • Here is a heads-up for planning purposes: I will be heading to Richmond, VA for the week-long Berkshire Choral Festival on 7 July. I will be gone until at least mid-day the following Sunday (14 July). Meanwhile, my grandson's fifth birthday will be celebrated next Saturday (6 July) so Shesarai is unlikely to be available for DM events after this Friday (5 July).


  • Narfell Developer

    Hey hey, I think it's time to admit that the summer has brought some life changes and I don't have the play time I thought I'd have. I may still jump in for scheduled events if I'm able. I'm posting here mostly so that it's understood I'm not actively working on any dev projects, including lead responsibilities. If there's a question I can answer, staff have an email address for me that I check. Have fun, everyone! We'll see what the fall brings.

  • Narfell DM

    I will be away this Saturday/Sunday, off on a trip to Dublin (aka the Big Schmoke).

  • I'll be heading out, fellas. Take care.

  • Opening up at work, when i get home i have no brain power (it was limited to begin with) after memorial day it should chill out for a bit!

  • I need a break from Narfell for a few weeks. Won't be gone long and will probably be back after Memorial Day, and I will still be active in Discord/on the forums.

  • Narfell DM


    This fucking guy, thinks he can just come back as if nothing happened.

  • Narfell PL

    Update: I'm coming BACK from away, after this weekend. This is the last weekend I'm guaranteed to be 100% unavailable for a while, so in about a week, consider me IN on shenanigans again!