A notice of recruitment

  • To all Oscurans!

    The organization formed for your protection, the Peacekeepers, is looking for fresh recruits.

    If you feel yourself talented, and wish to protect the safehaven we have, leave an application at the Peacekeeper tower - or contact me directly.

    -Commander Shemaright

  • A tall, lithe elf can be seen leaving a document at the peacekeeper door.

    It would read as follows to any peacekeepers that might glance at it:


    Dear Commander Shemaright:

    I hereby submit my application for the Oscuran Peacekeepers. I am personally interested in becoming a contributing factor to the law and order within Oscura's walls.

    Growing up as a handmaiden to the Kursk family, when a formal petition was submitted for my freedom upon Vladmir's death, though I was freed from my obligations as a slave, I felt I was still tethered to Oscura, having been my home so long. Though now I do travel to the surface from time to time, my commitment to Oscuran well-being has not changed, and I still find myself wanting to contribute.

    My skills include advanced unarmed combat, as taught to me by the Order of the Salamander, as well as archery and being able to move unseen through non magic means.

    I feel I could be a real asset to the peacekeepers, if you would grant me the opportunity to try out. I still do piecework for the Kursks at the docks, so feel free to contact me there if needed. I look forward to your response.



  • Cray is delighted to hear the news and can't wait to begin looking over the new applicants.