St Albion


    Home and Location
    Lives in Peltarch. Technically has an apartment allocated to her as a part of her senatorial role but rents it out. She can't live in it due to an oath she took during her election campaign. Instead she has a tiny tent hidden in the garden behind City hall. She normally falls asleep at her desk in her office however.

    Town Position :
    Peltarch Senator

    Custom Items :


    • Boots of Oneness (+6 hide, +4 Move Silently)
    • Boots of Equestrian Oneness (+6 ride, +6 concentration, +1 tumble)
    • Benji Brand Extendible Grabber (Invented - +2 Disable traps, +1 pickpocket)


    • Greater Legion Survival Ring (5 negative, +1vs mind affecting, +1 Str)

    DM dropped.

    • Wooden Spear of pokey pokey (+1, 5% slash vulnerability, 1d4 piercing, +1 STR)
    • Brood Blade (dagger +2)
    • Gauntlets of Escape (+2 disable traps, +2 open locks)
    • Sling of the Hunter (+1 sling, +2 Move Silently, +3 vs Animals)

    Time Spent in Narfell
    6 years