Build Update 8.75e SoU

  • Divine protection has been updated
    Masume's conversation in the Lobby updated to reflect the correct website.
    Commoners no longer say "Yes" and "No"
    Added skybox to NorthEast Rawlins to match the NorthWest Rawlins. Deeper Rawlins areas continue to have no skybox.
    Frago has a bird again. ( yeah, try to steal this one you cheezy powergamers! )
    Cockatrices removed.
    Temple replaced with ruins
    Druid circle lighted
    Dires removed
    Goblins spawns altered
    Animals now spawn in places they didn't before.
    Norwick Herald has been altered
    More gates no longer auto-close
    Peckle is now in the Gypsy Camp. All Hail the mighty Peckle.
    Jandor altered and moved.
    Norwick Household altered.
    New bodyguard placed.
    New faction added.
    Lucius added
    Norwick militia changed
    New monsters added. Shh! Its sekret!
    Sqee and Fred and put the past behind them.
    Restored Rass's anger management problem.

    New version number uploading: 875e