Auction ((27th September 00:01 GMT))

  • A poster is is placed in a couple well noticeable places throughout the city.

    _The second anniversary new years auction will be held the last day of this year, at the Peltarch's "Rant Stand". The auction will be held by Adelie de'Lanieth of the Defenders, and the profit goes toward the building of Selunite temple in the city.

    Those who wish to have some interesting magical trinkets of theirs auctioned, contact Adelie as soon as possible. Only a 5% share of the auction price will be taken toward the Selunite Temple Fund, the rest goes to the one giving the item to be auctioned._

    ((The event will be held 27th September 00:01AMGMT (one minute after midnight Wink GMT), next Sunday (sunday, since it's minute past midnight). That's 7:00p.m. US eastern time, and Saturday. If some aussies could post what that is in their time, it would be appreciated.

    If you want to have your items auctioned, contact me in PMs on the forums so we can plan a time on the next week for me to get the wares, or IG if you happen to catch me there. ))