Upcoming: Silver Valley Harvest Moon Festival!!!

  • _Pairs of dragoons are sent to neighboring towns and cities, looking in cheery spirits, they announce loudly as they walk throughout town:

    "Hear ye! Hear ye! The silver valley will soon hold a "harvest moon festival" to celebrate its victory over the crop blight and the passing of recent troubles. Under directions of our Commander Dietrick, we would like to spread the good news to all of you that everyone is invited! Yes even tall-folks are welcome! There will be games! food! contests! And prizes to be won! Just bring along your heart ready for a day filled with fun and excitement and a small purse to pay for the games' small entrance fees and to buy the lovely special made pies available only at this exclusive event!!! Miss out and you'd wish you sold your wife instead!!!"

    When asked what to be expected, the dragoons spread hear-say rumors that there will be mounted horse fights, fabulous pies by a mystery chef of legend, and a priceless gem with a shine that could blind your eyes! These are of course hear-say rumors…

    Venue: The silver valley
    Time : ((16 Auguest Saturday Night 9pm EST))_