Recruit Trainining with Colonel Mord Cabro

  • *Tyler wssen ing the only Cleric in the Small milli prty and friends yet all came back only brused and scratche ad none anywere near death all, some might even rumor that the loae cleric save one senior gaurds life in the proses with his healing 😄 *

  • _Silverbolt makes a report of a large attack by undead, made up of skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wights and even a few collosal skeletons at the southern gates. The undead came in relentless waves, yet the defenders held strong. As dawn approached, the undead's leaders taunted and challenged one particular druid, Jerrick, at which the whole group sallied forth to drive the evil away. After another intense battle, which included a number of vampires, dawn had finally come and the remainder of the undead were slain or scattered.

    As a side note, Silverbolt requests a larger shield._

  • Silverbolt meanwhile, seeming to miss all the militia trips, stays behind and keeps up his training. He also spends much of his time near the fire, listening to conversations and learning what he can.

  • Narfell PG

    Early in the morning, Senior Guardsman Albryanna is seen mustering all on-duty militia, informing each that they shall be attending to morning patrol. Several hours later with Colonel Mord Cabro, Guardsman Dietrick Maldspeaf, Trainees Vescar and Tyler Wefneran, Norwick Advisor Tornar RedAnvil, and friends Mordechai and Myrrha are seen headed for the western woods. The sounds of steel on steel and the many shrieks and shrills of goblin cries are heard echoing throughout the wood. Hours later in the dark of night, the troops return looking triumphant and exhausted, some showing visible bruises and scrapes. Congratulating everyone on a patrol well executed, Albryanna heads for the barracks for a good nights rest…and paperwork.

    //Kudos to all who came along. It was a fun time and I look forward to more of these trips. 🙂

  • Celestria reads the note and nods, whispering under her breath through a chuckle

    "How did I know THAT was coming?"

    She folds it, puts it away and heads out to find Kelinar.

  • Mord purses his lips and eyes the group as they return. He heads back to his office and writes a quick note and has it delivered to Celestria's bunk



  • *Celestria is seen gathering Kelinar from the bonfire and after adding a few others to their numbers, they are noted to be headed to the hobgoblin caves in the Nars Pass.

    A few hours later, all return seemingly unscathed and Kelinar is in good spirits*

  • ( Kelinar walks and nods firmly to all the informations told. Mutters short prayers to Moradin when being pleased by his new role in the militia. One question remains, would it be possible to have a little place where he can do his prayer by the dawn. Keeping that in mind, he absorbes the new knowledge needed to achieve a great standard in his new duties.)

  • Andrew welcomes Kelinar and walks him around the Barracks, telling him of the posibility of early morn inspections and what is best to prepare for them. "Be able to equip yourself for battle in under three minutes, to include being near awake. And do not sleep in your nakedness, for could be a lady who awakens you with a cry of battle. We cannot have recruits running around as such. Tis a matter of repect that I am certain you understand." With that spoken, Andrew smiles and continues to aquaint Kelinar with the facilities.

  • ((this a list of the current trainees, I think a couple are no longer with us, please let me know. If they are please get some posts out about them.

    • Recruit: Kelinar Thund
      - Recruit: Tyler Wefneran
    • Recruit: Adrian "Silverbolt" Petrarch
    • Recruit: Toma Arna
      - Recruit: George
    • Recruit: Friend (Shamman) Named "Smash" by Devlin


  • Mord seems irritable and cold during the inspection the next day and several guards are diciplined for equipment not totally up to snuff. After an hour at attention while he and his Lieutenants go over the troops he finally steps away.

    A new recruit fer ye all ta take in. I find his gear in the shape of some of yers and I will run the lot of ye through basic again Pauses at that thought Kelinar Thund step up here. These be yer mates, ifn ye make the cut. Ye should know basic Norwick laws and the lay of the entire region afore yer trainning is done.

    He looks over the assembled squad and finally barks


    Mord pulls his upper guards aside and speaks quietly to them. Kelinar be no raw recruit so I nay expect im patrolin the old defenses. Take im out and push im hard. I want him to know the Goblin Hold to the west, the hobgoblin hold tothenorth, the bugbear camp and the deep east. I want im to know the graveyard. I want im up to date on all our enemies.

    Now carry on.

  • Narfell PG

    Albryanna offers her hand in congratulations, giving a nod with a small smile Welcome to the ranks.

  • Dwalin nods to Raxia
    Congratulations, lass!

  • Dietrick smiles and pats pats Raxia on her side, and not that side

  • She stands there solomly and slightly bows her head at the acceptance from the commander. A small grin can be seen on her face.

  • Celestria offers her congratulations to Raxia with a smile then turns to look over the recruits assessingly.

  • At morning muster all the new recruits are brought forward and given over to the guard officially for trainning. At the end trainee Raxia is brought forward.

    Long overdue Guardsman Raxia but sometimes the wheel turn slowly. Welcome to the ranks of the Militia. May ye bring pride to our fair town.

    Mord snaps a fist to his chest in Salute


    ((Sorry this took so long, I kept hoping to run into you in game))

  • Aye, gave me a double take but the lad said he was not from our neighbors to the north. He is a citizen of our fair town. Dwalin, Devlin and I took im out into the wood, all the way west. He follows orders well and is nay afraid to mix it up ifn he has too.

    I would like to continue to have him pushed along, toughen im up and see what he is capable of. Any thet go out with him need to speak of Norwick laws also, with any recruits actually. Make em spend some time in the hall with a scribe if need be, like Dietrick. Mord chuckles thought he was dyin the first time he came out of the hall.

  • chuckles OK.

    If my name were Dwin Jeyyd, or Dwin Oscora, I would consider changin' it meself.

    Maybe one of the Lieutenants can take a look at this lad and see if he's good enough ta be a recruit.

    Good work, Dwalin.

  • Chancellor,

    I personally took him in and watched him change his citizenship to Norwick and he did so quite proudly.

    I, too, came from Peltarch. I believe Adrian is fully trustworthy. He seeks only to be a better knight and aid the people on Norwick.

    Guardsman Celestria