Rumors of the Valley

  • An older Hin whom many of the longstanding members of the community would recognise as Yarchum Ammathwood, a former Silver Dragoon and council member of the Valley, seems to have returned from his almost 15-year long trip to Luiren. Looking slightly grizzled and wrinkled, Yarchum greets both familiar and unfamiliar faces with a warm smile and at least a few polite words before giving everyone the blessings of Arvoreen and continuing his stroll around the village.

  • The latest rumour around the valley is about a brave party of hins (with the aid of a few legion members) slaying a huge ice golem on the road to Ormpur. It's rumoured the hins also made quick work of several undead hiding out in the worg cave.

  • Off and on, Nicahh or Jerr are seen taking a young hinnish looking girl to the valley to play with other hin children and to learn of their cultures much to the little girl's delight. Strangely in all the years that her or Jerr have taken the little girl there to play, she seems not to have aged a single day.

  • Two playful dire bears were spotted recently. They fished and played in the stream, then laid down for a nap nearby. There was no violence; they left the locals alone. Experienced woodsmen would recognize them as a male and female bear of the same species. Was the female bear pregnant? Only time will tell.

  • The valley is bustling happily with activity lately. It seems preparations are being made for some sort of celebration. The smallfolk have been ordering banners, kegs of ale and other various party supplies.

  • Rumors circulate of a mutant fenberry bush in the Emerald Tower. What made it like this, and what powers it has are the subject of occasional drunken speculation. Some of the more lucid ones involve elemental spirits, vampiric powers acquired by whoever eats it, paralyzing venom, Dolvak ale, and troll dung fertilizer. The mages of Spellweaver are up to something sinister, or delicious.

  • _Rumor has it that a Legionnaire and a female Tyrran nearly destroyed the baths in the Valley, somehow breaking all the taps and flooding the baths.

    Word is that some poorly chosen words referencing the Sea Queen might also have been involved_

  • There is a tale in the valley that a hin lives in between these mountains, one who is only seen in the night. Tales tell of sightings in the valley and rarely even in Jiyyd, but only at night. Rumors of caves have signs of life have linked with the tale of the hin and the story has grown and become common talk for the hinnish in the valley. The hins in the valley are known to talk of strange things and the sightings describe the hin as a hooded and cloaked male, most say he's young, but some believe it to be a old gnome wizard. All and all most valleyers just talk and forget but some bring the tale to jiyyd where some are starting to pick it up.